What are all required hiring materials?

  • Resume
  • Availability
  • A Screenshot of Computer SPECS
  • 1~2 minute introduction video: Introduce yourself, where you live, your educational background, and any experience teaching or working with kids. Then tell or read a children’s story.

Resume:A fancy resume is not necessary. Simply list your relevant qualifications.

-What are the available time slots?

-How much time do I need to commit to this job? The minimum is 6 hours (12 lessons).

Computer Specs:  A screen shot/ snip of you processor information is fine. Here are the requirements:

1~2 minute introduction video: This is not as scary as it sounds! I used my phone and recorded mine selfie-style. A clean background, good lighting, and a big smile is important. They are looking to hear your native accent and to see your facial expressions and body language.

Here is the application video that I submitted in 2017. I am reciting a children’s book that I had memorized from years of reading it to my kids. Currently I think they would rather a short introduction and an education background overview with better lighting and brighter background, but I share it in hopes to calm the nerves of potential applicants.

Qkids Teacher Julie’s application video recorded July 2017.

Just push record! Start your QKids journey today!

Here is a detailed outline of the Qkids hiring process. If this is helpful to you please use my referral link to apply and I will be happy to offer my assistance as you navigate the process of becoming a Qkids teacher.