Did you know that the Qkids Phonics curriculum is now available in North America to kids ages 3-6?! It is! My little Qkiddo adores his classes!

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My kid is THAT kid in class who is jumping around and being a goofball. He is four and he adores his classes in the Qkids Phonics Program. I do not teach phonics classes for Qkids and I am okay with that because it takes heaps of energy and patience and I am dealing with this guy’s shenanigans 24/7, so I do best with the 6-12 year old students. Being the parent on the other side of the virtual classroom has been a learning experience for me as a teacher. Teaching styles are as unique as the teachers and it is cool to watch other teachers in action. I like how Qkids has always generally scheduled me for these level 3-5 Qkiddos where I am at my best as a teacher. If you are interested in a phonics program for your little learners I recommend Qkids because even though he goofs off a lot he is learning so much.

Qkids hybrid platform creates a virtual classroom unlike any other. Animation and real life come together with a live teacher, engaging educational activities, peer learning, and more that helps emergent readers stay engaged and learn. You can try two full lessons for free. Absolutely no obligation, free, full lessons. Click here for more information!