How the Corona Virus is Affecting Online English Teachers

Qkids New Teacher Requirements Update February 2020.

Due to the corona virus outbreak in China, online English lessons are in high demand as the students are not in school and parents are not reporting to their workplaces in an effort to contain the virus. In response to this Qkids has kindly offered free English lessons to their students during this difficult time and expanded the teaching opportunities (and pay!) for teachers.

“As many of you have heard, countries around the world are battling the coronavirus outbreak that has infected thousands of people. In China, the Spring Festival holiday has been extended to February 3rd and many schools are delaying the start of their Spring term still further to ensure the safety of their students. Most people are taking major precautions such as staying indoors to avoid the risk of catching or spreading the infection. At #Qkids – we are offering free online courses to those students stuck at home. We hope they can safely study from home during this difficult time. Student health is our number 1 concern. We also want to thank all of our amazing Qkids teachers for their understanding and for stepping up to offer more of your availability to teach our Qkiddos. During this difficult time, our thoughts are also with those health care professionals and medical staff working tirelessly to fight this infection and save civilians. Thank you for your dedication and be strong!”

A message from Qkids

In the video I tell you about some of the additional teaching opportunities available to Qkids teachers this month. A fellow teacher was kind enough to create a share this chart that lists all of these available class times and even listed each time zone! Thank you Nick! As of the writing of this post these class times are available until March 1st. If you open up your availability you will be booked!!

Winter Peak Season Available Time Slots through March 1st 2020

What really has us teachers excited is a new incentive to teach thirty or more classes each week this month. Through March 1st teachers who teach 30+ classes in a week will get an extra 2$ bonus per class taught. This is huge and I have never seen them offer such incentives in my time with Qkids. Personally, I am on track to have a record breaking month. Click here for details on how Qkids pays.

Because of this unexpected extended peak season for online English teachers Qkids is urgently hiring this month. Now is a fantastic time to get on board as an online English teacher. I have never seen a better time to get hired on in my time here with Qkids. It’s been a crazy month folks! Watch the above video for the February 2020 Qkids Update and apply today!

Requirements of Qkids Teachers in February 2020:

-Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada

-Bachelor’s degree – last semester with senior standing

-Teaching license or English teaching certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) required before lessons assigned.

-Candidates without a certificate can qualify for a fast track TESOL voucher to be completed before signing the contract.

-The minimum time commitment is 6 hours weekly

Get your TESOL certification for 19$ with this link!

Watch my Demo 1 Interview Tips here!

Teaching Equipment that I use:



External Webcam:

Selfie Ring Light with Phone Clip:


Cat 6 Ethernet Cable:

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