Qkids Demo 2 Interview and Teaching Tips from a Veteran Qkids Teacher

Tips on how to prepare for Qkids Demo 2 interview.

So you want to be a Qkids teacher so that you can work from home teaching English online. I imagine that you are nervous about the whole thing, but do not fret I have a video that will help you prepare in hope to calm your nerves so that you can get to work. If you want to learn teaching tips from a veteran Qkids teacher I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will walk you through the process of becoming a Qkids teacher.

What Questions are Asked for Qkids Demo 2 Interview?

The first part of the Qkids Demo 2 Interview will be the interviewer asking you several questions to see if you are a good candidate to teach English online. Here are some of the questions that have been asked during Demo 2:

  • Why do you want to be a Qkids Teacher?
  • Why would you be a choice for Qkids?
  • How would you teach a 5 year old versus a 12 year old?
  • What is your availability to teach with Qkids?

There may be other questions asked during Demo 2, but these are some of the questions that are commonly asked so be sure to be prepared to answer them.

What Games Should I Know for Demo 2?

In Qkids Demo 1 you were asked to lead students in a couple of the games and to demonstrate your skills in using the tools and buttons within the classroom. If you haven’t already had a Demo 1 interview then I encourage you to watch this video to learn all about what to expect. If you are preparing for Demo 2 I encourage you to watch this video to get teaching tips from a veteran Qkids teacher and how the interviewer will try to trip you up with common student behaviors that you will have to learn how to handle with grace.

What Happens After Demo 2?

At the end of a successful Qkids Demo 2 interview you will be invited to teach a couple Trial Classes with actual students on your own. Your coach will view these classes and provide feedback on your performance. Be sure to be familiar with the class time slots and note that they refer to the class times in Eastern Time so you will have to adjust to your time zone. Below is a chart of the class time slots. There are 4 class times each morning as each class is 30 minutes long with 5 minutes between classes. On Friday and Saturday evenings there are 5 class slots available. There are a few weeks in the year when they do offer evening time slots during weekday evenings. These weeks are typically in January, July, and August.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and if you have not already applied to be a Qkids teacher simply click this link to apply today! It really is a fun gig! If you would like to continue to gain knowledge about Qkids from a veteran Qkids teacher then I encourage you to follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Happy Teaching!