What it is Like to be a Qkids Teacher

What’s your background? How did you become a Qkids Teacher? How long have you been working as a Qkids Teacher?

In 2011 I decided to leave my job as a geologist at an environmental consulting firm to be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool my kids.  In 2014 I became an Affiliate Faculty for Southwestern College of Professional studies teaching a six-week online science class three times a year.  I fell in love with online teaching and wanted to do it more! In summer of 2017 I was talking to my Dad on the phone and he was telling me about this cool new online teaching gig that my stepmom Debbie had just started.   When I talked to her about it and learned more, I got so excited because it sounded like a dream job for me! Exactly what I had been looking for! So, I submitted my application that night and by morning I had an email from them offering me an interview!  The rest is history and I couldn’t be happier! Working for Qkids has had such a positive effect on me and my family.  Being able to earn a steady income without having to leave the house or find childcare has been such a blessing. I love the flexibility and of course the students!   As of today I have taught over 1500 classes with Qkids and have very much enjoyed my experiences with this company. They really do a great job of taking care of their teachers and are always making improvements to be sure that every teacher and student has the best classroom experience possible.

Have you worked for other companies teaching English online? What makes Qkids different?

I have not worked for another online ESL company as I am pleased with Qkids and have no reason to teach with any other companies. My availability is typically fully booked and Qkids meets my needs when it comes to teaching English online.

What is your favorite part about being a Qkids Teacher?

My favorite part of working for Qkids is the flexibility and how it hardly feels like work because it is such a fun job.  I tell them what time slots I am available to teach and have control over my schedule. If I need to cancel, I am not penalized as long as I cancel by five hours before the scheduled class.  If I need a week off to go on vacation they accommodate and encourage me to have a good time. I adore how understanding they are when l need to cancel due to a sick kid or a thunderstorm that knocks out the internet connection.  The staff is super friendly and clearly have fun working for Qkids too.

What is your biggest challenge in this role?

My biggest challenge while teaching English online with Qkids is sleep.  I have a natural tendency towards being a night owl, but since working for Qkids I have found becoming an early bird really does have benefits.  I still sometimes struggle to get a decent 7-9 hours of sleep, but I have been intentional about honoring my sleep and getting the rest my body requires.  I have an alarm set on my phone that reminds me when it is getting late and to go to bed which tends to keep me on track. I get a feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning when I am finished with my classes which is a great way to start my days.

What has been the most surprising aspect about being a Qkids Teacher?

I have been pleasantly surprised with how Qkids listens and applies teacher feedback.  From the most minor details to big requests, Qkids delivers all the time. For example in December of 2017 Qkids hosted a live event on facebook for teachers to interact with the Qkids staff in China and a lot of teachers requested a phone app to help manage schedules easier.  By the end of 2018 Qkids implemented just that! They continue to make improvements to the phone app to this day. Another example is when they recently made a change to the teaching software that many teachers did not enjoy, so they kindly made a change to accommodate those requests.  The teaching software really is top-of-the-line and they are consistent in making improvements so it just gets better and better.

What is a typical day for you?

A typical day for me begins early in the morning!  I like to have coffee and do some light yoga before I teach each day.  I enjoy this time when my house is quiet and I am setting my intentions for the day.  Doing this helps me be energetic and fully prepared to greet my students at 5:35am (Central).  I typically teach four classes each morning Monday through Friday so I am finished teaching at 8:10 a.m. (Central).  Qkids has evening time slots available in the evenings on Friday and Saturday so occasionally I will make myself available for those if I don’t have weekend plans.  

How to Get Hired to Teach English Online With Qkids

What kind of person is a good fit for this job?

Qkids is a great fit for a wide array of people and backgrounds who are native speakers and reside in the United States or Canada.  Many Qkids teachers are homeschooling families like mine who enjoy earning a steady income from home. The summer season is a busy time for Qkids and they typically have extended class times available in July and August which is perfect for folks who teach at a traditional brick-and-mortar school and want to make extra cash during summer vacation.  College students also find Qkids as a great way to earn money while working on their degrees. I know that a lot of folks are looking for ways to increase their household income to pay down debt and I love hearing stories of how working for Qkids has helped families become debt free. If you think that you or someone you know would like to have an opportunity to teach English online I encourage you to visit www.qkidsteacherjulie.com and see if teaching with Qkids is the dream job that you have been looking for and apply!  Qkids tends to hire a lot of new teachers in the months of May and June in anticipation of the busy summer season, so now is a great time to apply.

What are your top tips for being successful in the Qkids interview process?

My top tips for being successful in the Qkids interview process are to review the materials that they provide very carefully and practice!  Teach imaginary students and become very comfortable with the tools and games in the practice classroom. During the Demo 1 and 2 interviews you will be asked to interact with the hiring staff as if they are a 5 year old, which I found to be a little awkward to do, so be prepared for that.  They will test how you handle situations like mispronunciation or shyness during this time, so be sure to be patient, encouraging, and correct the mispronunciation. During Demo 1 you will be asked to check your equipment and pings.  If your pings are not below 80 they will not continue until that issue is addressed.  During Demo 2 you will be asked a few questions an are expected to know the tools and the games very well, and be sure to apply any feedback they gave you after Demo 1.  Of course be animated, keep a smile on your face, and use many hand gestures. My  Youtube channel is a great resource for teaching tips so be sure to subscribe so that you can be most prepared for your classes.

Any other advice for anyone who wants to be a Qkids Teacher?

If you want to be a Qkids teacher I encourage you to apply!  You can follow me on facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get tips and advice from a veteran teacher.  I know a lot of people are intimidated by the application video, but just push record an do it!  It is such a fun gig and the income is such a blessing to my family. If you need any help with the application process I am happy to help! If you want to apply visit www.qkidsteacherjulie.com and click the APPLY button! We would love to have you!

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