Qkids Demo 1 Interview

If you have applied to be a Qkids teacher and have been invited to do a Demo 1 interview with Qkids staff and want to know what to expect, then you are in the right place! If you are interested in applying to be a Qkids teacher and are not quite sure what teaching English online looks like, you are in the right place too! In this video you will learn what you need to know to have a successful Qkids Demo 1 interview as I walk you through the classroom tools and a few of the games you will likely encounter during Demo 1. I know that the application process can be nerve wracking so I hope that you find this video helpful and that it helps calm your nerves a bit so that you can get to work. I encourage all applicants to study all of the materials that Qkids sends to you and to spend the time to get comfortable with the classroom tools and games. Of course, don’t forget to smile!

Qkids Demo 1 Interview Tips and walk through.