Waiting on standby with Qkids Teacher Julie.

If you are a new teacher and want to know the deal with standby classes you can wait on standby with Qkids Teacher Julie and know what to expect. If you found this video helpful please like it and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more helpful videos coming soon. If you are interested in teaching for Qkids you can use my referral link at qkidsteacherjulie.com or you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

All Qkids teachers are scheduled standby classes. The amount of standby classes scheduled will vary. When you have a standby on your schedule you must be at your computer, logged into the teacher software, and ready to teach three minutes before the scheduled class time. All you do it sit and wait until three minutes past the scheduled class time. If during this time you are needed to teach a class a pop-up will ping within the teaching software and you will be prompted to quickly enter the classroom. Once you click into the class you will teach the class as usual.

If you are a new teacher standby classes can be a bit nerve wracking because you have no idea what lesson may pop up and you have merely seconds to review the lesson. I encourage you to not fret and do your best. As you get more teaching under your belt you will be more confident in your teaching abilities and realize that you are capable of winging standby classes like a champ. The nervousness does subside with time.

If you are not called to teach a standby class you are free to log out of the teacher software three minutes after the scheduled class time and you will be paid 4$ for your time. If you teach 15 classes in that week you will also earn a 1$ attendance bonus for that standby class that did not convert. If you are pinged and the standby converts to a class you will be paid the same as if it were a regularly scheduled class.

Happy Teaching!