Update 12/16/2019: I am happy to report that I have partnered with International Open Academy and can offer you their TESOL certification course for 19$ at this link!

Recently Qkids partnered with a company to conduct background checks on all their teachers and will continue to do so for new teachers.  The background check was a short and painless process for me that took little effort.  They check to confirm your education background and if you have any crimes against children.  The question about education requirements often comes up within Qkids teacher groups so l will share my experience. 

I have a Masters degree and I homeschool my kids, so I meet the teaching requirements, however I do plan to get my TESOL certification in the next month or so.  What is TESOL?  TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and encompasses what used to be called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).  You may be wondering why I plan to get this certification if I am already qualified.  I will tell you.  In the last month or so the Chinese government initiated a requirement for all ESL teachers to be certified regardless of education level. 

 “As the English education market grows in China, it is very likely that there will be new national guidelines and regulations promulgated by PRC government that require an individual to verify that they meet the national qualifications for teaching children in another language, even via an online platform. “


I get it.  As a parent I understand the desire to have quality control when it comes to my child’s instructor.  For me as an ESL teacher to remain competitive in the industry I believe it is crucial to have this certification, so I will be signing up for one soon.  Plus Qkids indicated in an email that all teachers will be required to obtain certification by the end of 2019.

“If you do hold a BA or higher and/or are enrolled in a program for a BA or higher: Given the tightening of industry standards, we anticipate that all of our teachers will need to obtain a TESOL/ TEFL in the coming year.”

-email from Qkids

Qkids has confirmed that this certification from International Open Academy is currently acceptable for becoming at Qkids teacher.

Qkids currently accepts TESOL/TEFL certificates based on verification documents that demonstrate “proof of completion”. Qkids is unable to advise further on the selection of a program, but can confirm that no restrictions currently apply.  Qkids highly advises that all teachers complete a certificate program. Qkids is unable to advise independent contractors on which certificate to select, given the evolving standards promulgated by the PRC and adopted by the online English industry.


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Happy Teaching!

-Qkids Teacher Julie